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The Foster Parent

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There are over 400,000 children from every corner of America in foster care in on any given day.

"My daughter is not only my biggest blessing, I truly can't imagine a child more perfect for me."

- Devin Alexander,
Foster-Adopt mom + celebrity chef

When a child is removed from their family of origin, foster parents are the neighbors or community members who open their homes and their hearts.

The purpose of foster care is to provide children with a safe, stable, nurturing home while their parents work through some challenges. The goal is to return a child home as quickly as possible. More than just day-to-day care of the young person, foster parents support the entire family by facilitating visits, phone calls and appointments with clinicians and specialists. A little more than half the youth who enter foster care will ever return to their parents. When children are unable to return home, Foster parents often adopt the young people in their care.

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